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Meet Linda


August 10, 2020


Rachael Driggs


Location: Alsask


As Executive Director of Special Care Daycare and Preschool, Linda Yell takes great pride in knowing that the center strives for excellence and quality in child care while promoting a co-operative spirit. She has a wonderful staff that surrounds her who are dedicated and truly amazing at what they do.

Having earned her certification in Child Psychology 1 & 2, Linda has devoted more than 40 years to working in education with young children and their families. She is committed to creating a strong pre-school educational program in our community where values, sound foundational skills and play with a purpose are always our focus.

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of Special Care, Linda worked at a licensed child care center for almost 4 years as a teacher.  She has completely committed herself to furthering the education and growth of all children in her care.

Linda resides in Rogers, AR. with her husband and five children.